Bell & Howell Model 376

After my recent move, I have rediscovered this vintage camera that used to sit in a box at the back of my closet... I knew I had something old in the closet, but the thought of getting it working again was never seriously thought through until now.

The camera seems to be in tip-top shape, the only bad problem is that four AAA batteries were left in there and had leaked. The camera is from 1971 and it's the Model 376 Bell & Howell Autoload Camera. The bag, unfortunately, is damaged, and has become quite ridged and probably brittle too (I do not want to test that guess out).


Here are some photos of the camera and the bag (Hosted on Imgur)

Bell & Howell Model 376

For now I need to figure out what to do in order to properly clean up the leaked battery acid.
I'll keep posting on my progress. (Heck I might even make a page just for this camera.)

Catch ya next time!

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