SlowMo Bird Cam Project, with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Camera Module

I won this Raspberry Pi Zero W during a Pi Day Giveaway from ZipCar, I received one of the 314 they they were giving away.

Finally, a project that I can actually complete!

Pretty much as soon as I got my Pi Zero I immediately hooked up a really cheap dashcam/webcam (One of those knockoffs) and begun testing how simple it was to record and get the general Idea in mind on how my DIY Bird Cam is going to work while the Camera Module was being shipped, which I had bought from amazon.

I figured that I want to record the previous 5 seconds or something before I set off the recording as birds can be quite unpredictable in my garden... though This wasn't possible to do without first saving it to the 4GB SDcard which I don't want to do. I did research and found out that the Camera Module has a built-in capability for that. The waiting game begun.

I left the Pi alone over the weekend while I both worked and waited for the Module to arrive on Monday. On Monday, I imminently started learning how Raspivid and Raspistill worked, and eventually the Circular Buffer functionality.

Bla Bla Long story short, I got it working at 90fps 720p and it records a couple seconds before I trigger the camera (Pressing Enter in the command line through SSH).

I then quickly pushed everything into the box the Module was in and set it up outside using a selfi-stick phone holding adapter thing and a L-Bracket on a tripod. Not weather sealed. at. all.

I'm not really good at blogging or even noting down how I put things together as I usually Bodge it - This time though, I hope it is 5% more robust. I'll make an attempt to sort of blog how I make it.

Note: Unfortunately, you won't be able to enjoy the super smooth playback as the below clips are linked as small GIFs, I'm planning on uploading videos recorded with the birdcam to youtube when it is complete.. but for demonstration purposes, enjoy some gifs.

Here's what it looked like before I had the idea to save the videos to a flash dive

Annd some clips taken from where it was

Here's after, when I Thought of saving the clips to a flash drive (Which has it's own issues I need to fix)

aaaanndd like, all of the clips I like, some from that setup, some from before I put the usb on it.

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